UPG Fly Box Hype Reel



To make comments on the video please click HERE.  This will allow you to make comments directly on the video and is the best way to keep everyone on the same page.  Also, you may hear a "watermark" in the background of the music.  If this music is approved I will license it and that watermark will go away. 



Below you will find images in four categories. Print, Fly Box POV, Lifestyle/Gear and Fish.  Most of the Lifestyle, POV, and Fish photos are lower resolution but they are awesome for social media and smaller print pieces.   Also, there is footage available like the video header of this page - if live backgrounds are something you are considering for your website.  Also, this type of POV footage would be awesome on a loop played on a flat-screen or projector at a show booth.   The video header only plays on desktops or laptop computers - due to data usage is does not auto play on mobile devices. 

8-Megapixel Print Quality

$85 per photo Or $525 for all 14 photos

20-Megapixel Print Qualilty 

$85 per photo or $400 for all 12 photos 

Box Point of View Shots

 4-megapixel images ideal for social media exposure 

click on image to view larger

$175 for the entire gallery

Umpqua Gear and Lifestyle

 4-megapixel images ideal for social media exposure of Umpqua Gear and Lifestyle 

click on image to view larger

$25 per photo or $150 for this gallery

Fish Pics

4-megapixel images ideal for social media exposure

$25 per photo or $100 for the gallery

Thank you for your time and consideration!  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.