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Curtis Howard - Sheep Creek Films

I Love being a part of people's success in  business and watching goals get met!  My education is a Bachelor of Science in Business administration with a minor in Marketing, Outdoor Leadership, and Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University.  I am a husband, dad of two boys, avid OUTDOORS-MAN and follower of Jesus.

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My dream out of school was to work for Cabela’s in the fly fishing design and buying department.  I worked my way up the ranks to Cabela’s corporate and my dream position in 2-years.  What a wonderful company with great people!  I will never forget the education I received learning from the people who turned selling flies into a billion dollar business. I was with the company for 7 years total and left for new OPPORTUNITIES in 2009, one of which was working with my dad.

Curtis Howard of Sheep Creek Films

with the purchase of three GO-PROS I fell in love with Filming and photography in 2012 .  It has been absolutely amazing to take my knowledge of marketing and tracking ROI (return on Investment) and apply it to web media.  Web Media is the dry ugly term for telling your story.  Turning potential clients into customers and friends is about building trust.  And building trust is exactly what I do WHETHER for a product, service, or a business as a whole.  I have spent a lot time to putting together highly skilled contacts.  I TODAY'S fast moving world you cannot be an expert in everything... but you do need to have that team of experts for your clients.  That is exatly what we have!  We create the content and build a campaign to go with it.   From Websites and SEO to in depth Social Media campaigns and Pay-Per-Click ads BETWEEN we have your back.    


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