Designed to provide a bank of media for organizations to share thought out the year.   We create videos, photos, and messages for posting on social media, email campaigns, and websites.  Many of the images are also used in print advertising.  We will also use this content to create TV advertising.  What you need is what we make!

1-Minute Hype Reel

Social Media Photo Posts With A Message

Some Holiday Posts Included




Social Media Short Video Clips

no audio

Short 1

Short 2

Short 3

Short 4

Short Ads

Can be used on Social Media or as book end ads on TV

All Music has been licensed for all sources of media in the USA 

Narrated Message could be added as well

Inspire 1

Inspire 2

Inspire 3

Inspire 4

Inspire 5

Inspire 6

Inspire 7

Inspire 8

Video Header For Website Or Facebook Use